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Sunanda's Kitchen

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Order Homemade Food from "Sunanda's Kitchen" today!

Indian Cuisine is diverse and loved by all. Whether it be foreigners or natives, Indian cuisine is recognized and enjoyed all over the globe. Authentic Indian food only maintains its authenticity when cooked by an experienced chef who is sure of the various spices and flavor combinations that Indian food demands. Not only the flavors but what brings Indian food to life is the rich culture and heritage behind it. Only someone familiar can incorporate such authenticity into food.

Sunanda’s Kitchen is yet another kitchen from Nanighar that provides you with delicious, authentic food that is sure to melt your heart and keep your fingers licking. In the home chef’s words, their ultimate motto is food should always be “tasty & healthy”. Nanighar also shares the same message of providing you with the most delicious and healthy, preservatives free, home cooked meals.

Whether it be this kitchen’s bestsellers like mouth watering bhetki korma, mixed fried rice, or heartwarming and indulging rasmalai; in this chef’s words he knows that whatever he provides on the plate is delicious and fulfilling — confidence that we stand by.

For this home chef, cooking is not only something that they enjoy as a hobby, they are deeply passionate about their love for food which is something that reaches every individual who has ever ordered from “Sunanda’s Kitchen”.

Can’t wait to have a taste of this kitchen’s delicacies? We are eager for you to order as well!

Download the Nanighar App today and order online from “Sunanda’s Kitchen”!

For all queries, call at 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices.

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