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Sheeladi's Tasty Kitchen

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Order Homemade food from "Sheeladi's Tasty Kitchen" today!

As a house wife and a full time mother, cooking and cleaning and taking care of the house becomes the orb around which a woman's life revolves. Instead of living their lives, they live for others. Nanighar is a platform that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurship to such women and gives them a sense of self identity and financial freedom.

Sheeladi’s Tasty Kitchen is another prime example of a kitchen from Nanighar, which belongs to a mom chef who immersed herself into her household and almost stopped thinking about herself. Nanighar’s platform and an opportunity to finally be able to empower herself and get her life back in her hands erupted when her daughter moved out for better opportunities in life, giving her mother the perfect time to become a part of our Nanighar mom chefs community.

Mastering in delicious Mughlai dishes such as Biryani, Kebabs, and many more such mouth watering selections, this mom chef surely knows how to satisfy your taste buds. Along with these rich delicacies, this mom chef can also provide you with the richest and melting in your mouth Shahi Tukdas and Gokul Pithe.

According to reviews and feedback from consumers, this kitchen’s food is so delicious, and at the same time so healthy and nutritious, that parents feel very comfortable to share these otherwise preservative filled and oily dishes, even with their children. “Sheeladi’s Tasty Kitchen” provides you with 100% preservatives free, dalda free, healthy, less oil based delicious homecooked meals only.

With showers of compliments, “Sheeladi’s Tasty Kitchen” from Nanighar is a definate favorite.

Can’t wait to taste this kitchen’s delicacies? Go on and download the Nanighar App today! Order online from “Sheeladi’s Tasty Kitchen” now!

For all enquiries, call at : 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices.

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