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Rashmi's Chatputazz

Order homemade food from Rashmi's Chatputazz today!

When one indulges in good and tasty food, it makes them feel happy and content. Authentic home cooked meals are both tasty and healthy, which makes it the ideal kind of food to consume, always. Such home cooked meals are not always possible to prepare yourself in today’s fast paced lifestyle and hence Nanighar brings to you the authenticity of home cooked food, delivered right to your doorstep. The comfort of homemade delicious food without the hassle of actually having to make it, is the way to go with Nanighar!

Among many kitchens of Nanighar is one named “Rashmi’s Chatputazz”, belonging to a mom chef who loved the unique concept that Nanighar came up with to not only provide a platform for mom chefs to engage in their passion for cooking and practice financial freedom, but also a way for many to enjoy the taste of home, wherever they are, at very reasonable prices. This mom chef describes Nanighar as a cooperative and homely business.

“Rashmi’s Chatputazz” is a popular kitchen on Nanighar that often receives wonderful feedback based on the taste and consumer favorite menu items. The best part about this kitchen’s “chatpata” dishes? It’s all homemade, hence healthy and additives free! Some of the bestsellers from this kitchen are its famous Oats Poha, Ragi Chilla, Sweet Potato Fries and many more such delicious diet friendly options.

Maintaining a great track record of positive feedback, “Rashmi’s Chatputazz'' has always had happy customers. They claim that this kitchen’s food is very tasty and healthy, with less oil based dishes.

Impressive isn’t it? Download the Nanighar App to have a look at this kitchen and have a taste of such delicious dishes by “Rashmi’s Chatputazz” today!

For all enquiries, call at : 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices.

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