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Radhuni - Nupurdi’s Rannaghar

Order Homemade food from "Radhuni- Nupurdi's Rannaghar" today!

As a homemaker and a full time mother, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the house and children becomes the way of life for most women. Instead of living thinking about themselves, they start living for others. Nanighar is a platform that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurship to such women and gives them a sense of self identity and financial freedom.

“Radhuni - Nupurdi’s Rannaghar” is a kitchen from Nanighar belonging to a mom chef who wanted to feel empowered and do something for herself in life. After years of taking responsibility for her entire household, she wanted to start being responsible and empowered for herself. Love and passion for cooking homely, delicious dishes combined with her entrepreneurship spirit made Nanighar’s platform the perfect opportunity to grab. Fortunately her family and especially her daughter supported her tremendously with the process, to the point where “Radhuni - Nupurdi’s Rannaghar” is now one of the favorite kitchens on Nanighar.

Highly recommended by everyone who’s ever tasted it is this kitchen’s delicious and homely “Tangra Macher Jhal”. There was even one time when this mouth watering selection had to be made almost every single day by the mom chef to fulfill orders. Along with this delicious delicacy, this kitchen also provides you with flavorful Mochar Ghonto, Bhindi Begun & heartwarming Pathishaptas (different types so you can choose your favorite filling!), Naru, Payesh and many more such appetizing delicacies.

Meals from Nanighar are 100% additives and preservatives free as our meals are delivered from a mother’s kitchen, directly to your home. Hence, taste, health and hygiene are completely maintained.

Can't wait to start ordering? Download the Nanighar App today! Order homemade food online from “Radhuni - Nupurdi’s Rannaghar”.

For all enquiries, call at : 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices.

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