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Kuheli's Delish Bakery

Order Homemade food from "Kuheli's Delish Bakery" today!

The true essence of an occasion like Christmas is represented through togetherness and homely warmth. Nanighar delivers you the same homely feel by providing you with delicious home cooked meals and treats by our beloved mom chefs.

Special occasions like that of Christmas are incomplete without delicious baked goodies and treats. “Kuheli’s Delish Bakery” is a kitchen in Nanighar belonging to a home chef who has forever been passionate about baking and especially home baking. Delicious baked items made from scratch at this home chef’s very own kitchen, make every special occasion even more special! We assure you safety, hygiene and definitely, homely & delicious taste.

Nanighar is a platform that provides opportunity for women empowerment through entrepreneurship in the food space. Nanighar has given a voice and financial freedom to 200+ homechefs who create magic in their kitchens, daily. These heartwarming home made meals and treats are delivered all across Kolkata. Being able to be a part of the Nanighar Home Chef community has helped “Kuheli’s Delish Bakery'' reach out to a bigger audience and receive ample appreciation and encouragement. This has also helped fulfill this home chef to step ahead in her professional journey.

Some of our favorite, yummy and mouthwatering baked items from this kitchen are its famous choco chip cookies, different types of brownies, cream rolls and muffins. Guess what? This kitchen can provide you with delicious sandwiches and chops too!

Sounds delicious doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Go on and download the Nanighar App to taste indulging home baked delights today! Order online from “Kuheli’s Delish Bakery” now!

For all enquiries, call at : 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices.

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