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Jayar Henshel

Order Homemade food from "Jayar Henshel" today!

Delicious and authentic Bengali cuisine tastes best when cooked by native home chefs. Their love and expertise makes food even more flavorful and an indulging experience.

“Jayar Henshel'' belongs to a mom chef who knew she always wanted to pursue a profession in the field of cooking. Having always loved food and feeding her family, Nanighar’s platform seemed like the perfect opportunity to fulfill her dreams

Nanighar is a platform that provides opportunity for women empowerment through entrepreneurship in the food space. Nanighar has given a voice and financial freedom to 200+ mom chefs who create magic in their kitchens. These heartwarming home made meals are delivered all over Kolkata, everyday.

Some of the must try dishes for “Jayar Henshel” include delicious and traditional Bengali dishes such as Macher Jhol, Shukto, Aloo Dum, Aloo Posto, and many more. This kitchen also provides you with mouth watering indian-chinese delicacies such as chilli chicken, chowmein and fried rice!

Can’t wait to try these dishes? Download the Nanighar App and order from “Jayar Henshel” today!

For all enquiries, call at : 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices.

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