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Aparnar Rannaghor

Order Homemade food from "Aparnar Rannaghor" today!

“Good behavior doesn't have any monetary value, but it has the power to purchase millions of hearts.” — APJ Abdul Kalam

“Aparnar Rannaghor'' belongs to a mom chef who wasn’t aware about Nanighar until she went to get a food license and got introduced to Nanighar’s platform through that process. What attracted her most to join our Community was the behavior of everyone representing the platform. This mom chef loved the way housewives and other such women got recognition and empowerment through Nanighar’s platform, which in turn made her even more eager to join.

The process of joining was made smooth for her, and it all felt very welcoming.

Some of the bestsellers from this kitchen are its very famous White Chicken, White Paneer, Chicken Mahari, and many more!

Among a range of positive feedbacks that this kitchen has received in its very short time of being a part of Nanighar family, one which stays memorable to “Aparnar Rannaghor” is when a customer was very pleased with the homely and delicious taste of this kitchen’s Mochar Ghonta.

Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Download the Nanighar App to order from “Aparnar Rannaghar” today!

For all enquiries, call at : 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices.

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