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Amar Barir Heshel

Order Homemade food from "Amar Barir Heshel" today!

Independence and financial freedom is a very sensitive topic, especially when it comes to women in Indian households. Independence often relates to empowerment, and that is exactly why Nanighar’s platform provides opportunity of entrepreneurship for the culinary geniuses of every household, without bias.

Among many popular and special kitchens of Nanighar, is a kitchen named “Amar Barir Heshel”, belonging to a mom chef who always wanted to upgrade herself professionally through her expert cooking abilities. Having found Nanighar’s platform on social media in 2019, she has since become a permanent and very endeared part of our Nanighar Mom Chef Community. Like many others, she wanted to gain independence and financial freedom through a professional platform, and was finally able to do so through Nanighar’s support. As a homemaker, being able to get recognition and adoration from various people has surely proven this mom-chef’s dedication towards food and feeding.

Some of the definite must tries of this kitchen are its famous Chilli chicken, Butter chicken, Egg masala, Mochar ghonto and many more such mouth watering dishes.

One of the best reviews that this kitchen has received and what keeps this mom chef motivated and going till now, is when there was an obvious rush of orders during the lockdown, and a customer amidst all the chaos, actually let her know that he feels that she’ll go a very long way in the food career, since he enjoyed her home cooked delicious meal, greatly. Truly heartwarming feedback.

Can’t wait to taste delicious homecooked food? Download the Nanighar App today! Order mouthwatering dishes from “Amar Barir Heshel” now!

For all enquiries, call at : 6289961646

Nanighar App is available on Android and iOS devices

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